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central feeding system

central conveying system

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Ccentral conveying system DETAILS

The central conveying system (also known as the central feeding system, material conveying system,Central conveyor system) is specially designed for the production of plastic products in the injection molding workshop, which can realize uninterrupted unattended continuous molding operations. The type of raw materials and the combined use of multiple color materials can be changed as needed to realize the automation of the coloring process. The system can completely regenerate and use nozzle cold material, can control all the feeding equipment, prevent the storage tank from being blocked, and realize full automation by establishing a central monitoring station.
central conveying system,central feeding system, material conveying system,Central conveyor system
The central centralized conveying system adopts the centralized automatic control of the microcomputer to realize the continuous feeding operation of pellets for 24 hours. Multiple small microcomputers respectively control the coloring process of each molding machine, the measurement is accurate, the mixing is uniform, and the color can be flexibly changed to meet the requirements of multiple colors and varieties of products. According to the production capacity of different molding machines, the feeding amount can be flexibly changed. The design of multiple supply pipelines can ensure the diversified requirements of the main materials. The system has a variety of monitoring and protection functions, and the work is safe and reliable. The aliases of the central cconveying system are: centralized conveying system, automatic conveying system, etc.
Central conveying system, central conveying system, material conveying system, automatic feeding system

Principle of central conveying system

The central conveying system adopts a vacuum conveying method, and the plastic raw materials are conveyed from the storage tank to the central dehumidifying and drying system through a centralized conveying system, and then the dried raw materials are conveyed to each injection molding machine. The design of “one pipe per machine” ensures that the air in the entire system transports the raw materials and prevents the raw materials from regaining moisture after dehumidification and drying.
It is used in conjunction with the central dehumidification and drying system, which can be cleaned by the conveying pipeline after the dehumidification, drying, and circulation, to ensure that there are no residual particles inside, and to avoid the original dust in the raw materials under the action of vacuum negative pressure will be filtered out through the dust filtration system. Thereby improving the quality of molded products. While the raw materials have regained moisture, they also ensure the consistency of the properties of the raw materials added to the injection molding machine.
central conveying system,central feeding system, material conveying system
Under the action of vacuum negative pressure, the original dust in the raw material will be filtered out through the dust filter system, which helps to improve the quality of the molded product.
Classification of central conveying system:
1. One machine, one pipe: one injection molding machine corresponds to one raw material pipeline;
2. One machine with two pipes: one injection machine corresponds to two raw material pipes;
3. One machine, one tube plus main material pipe: partly one injection molding machine corresponds to one raw material pipeline, and partly one material corresponds to one tube to supply multiple injection molding machines;

▌ Product application range

The plastic central conveying system solves the high cost of repeated manual handling of raw materials and the problem of incomplete drying due to negligence. It will not mix with other materials that are not allowed. The most important thing is to reduce purchase, power consumption, and maintenance costs. Improve product quality and improve work efficiency. It is a kind of dust-free closed pipeline conveying equipment that conveys particles and powdery materials by means of vacuum suction or blowing force. It uses the pressure difference between the vacuum and the environmental space to form a gas flow in the pipeline and drive the particles to move to complete the transportation of raw materials. .
The central conveying system is mainly used for: conveying powder and granular materials, such as plastic particles, raw western medicine powder, chemical powder, metal oxide powder, tablets, pills, small food particles, pesticides, medicine, food, additives , Batteries, dyes, cosmetics, fine chemicals and other industries.
Central conveying system, central conveying system, material conveying system, automatic feeding system

Central conveyor system composition

1. Control part
The console of the central feeding system is the core of the entire system. It is mainly used to receive signals from other equipment, and after processing, send relevant instructions to each execution unit to control the orderly and safe operation of the entire system.
2. Conveying part
The conveying part of the central feeding system mainly includes a cut-off suction box, a suction box, a selection station, a conveying pipeline, etc. The main function is to cooperate with the system to send raw materials from the dryer or raw materials to the suction machine. The function of the material-breaking suction box is to cooperate with the system to pump materials and have a material cleaning function to prevent residual materials in the pipeline.
3. Raw material processing part
The raw material processing part of the central feeding system includes a desiccant dryer and a storage barrel. The raw materials are transported to the desiccant dryer, which can quickly complete the dehumidification and drying of the raw materials, ensure that the product molding standards are met, improve product quality, reduce the appearance of unqualified products, and effectively shorten the product molding cycle and improve production efficiency.
4. Power part
The power part of the central feeding system is the power source of the entire system. It mainly includes vacuum motor, filter dust collector, electronic pressure relief valve, mechanical pressure relief valve, etc. It is mainly used to complete the various feeding tasks of the system and provide sufficient energy power to the system to ensure normal delivery.

The role of the Central conveyor system composing equipment

The central conveying system is an efficient automation system composed of various accessories, which can realize the metering, coloring, dehumidification and transportation of raw materials. Different components perform corresponding functions. What auxiliary equipment can be used in the central feeding system?
1. Central console: It is mainly to centrally control the system's dust removal, data transmission, alarm, etc. through programs, and monitor the entire system.
2. Rotary valve: This equipment can effectively realize continuous raw materials and batch supply to the pneumatic conveying system to ensure the normal operation of the system.
3. Vacuum feeder: automatically transport additives to the storage hopper above the weightless metering feeder.
4. Metering and proportioning machine: realizes the central feeding system for metering and proportioning of various materials. It has the characteristics of accurate metering, fast speed and high metering accuracy.
5. Mixing hopper: Stir the raw materials, additives, and flake crushed side materials evenly, while preventing the broken side materials from bridging and feeding irregularities.
6. Metal separator: remove the raw materials, the metal materials that may be contained in the flake-shaped broken side material, enter the melting room to protect the screw from damage.
7. Cyclone separator: This device pneumatically transports the raw materials to the mixing hopper, and separates the flake crushed side material from the high-pressure airflow.
8. Dust collector: The high-pressure air flow separated by the cyclone separator also contains dust, which will be removed by the dust collector.
9. Roots blower: It is the main equipment to realize the transportation of raw materials, and its function is to provide power for the pneumatic transportation of raw materials to the mixing hopper.
10. Dehumidifying dryer: mainly used to dry plastics with hygroscopic additives to meet the needs of material use or further processing.

The role of the equipment composed of the central conveying system:

1. Dust collector: It mainly protects the fan and collects fine dust.
2. Storage barrel: equipment for storing surplus raw materials, which can effectively reduce the pollution and waste of raw materials.
3. Branch station: It is used to separate the raw materials and distribute the raw materials to each injection molding machine.
4. Vacuum suction box: it is mainly used to empty the pipeline and is installed at the bottom of the dryer or raw material barrel.
5. Electric eye hopper: It acts to automatically replenish raw materials. When the raw material of the hopper is almost used up, the electric eye hopper will automatically replenish raw materials.
6. Central console: It is the main part of the control system, equivalent to the computer's CPU, intelligent PLC + touch screen beautify and intuitive, and easy to operate.

Correct operation method of Central conveying system:

The central feeding system has the advantages of fully automated work and high production efficiency. How can it better reflect its "high efficiency"? Of course, it has a lot to do with the correct operation method. Because many people have a little knowledge of the central feeding system, when operating the central feeding system, there are often wrong methods of operation. Next, I will introduce the correct operation method of the central feeding system so that everyone can better correct it.
    1. According to the production requirements, fill the drying box with raw materials, and pay attention to filling them by sorting, not mixing or random loading.
    2. Turn on the switch of the electronic eye of the machine to ensure smooth feeding and normal operation.
    3. Turn on the circulating water of the dehumidifying rotary drying box to remove the moisture contained in the rotary hot air.
    4. In accordance with the production requirements, insert the feeding tube of each machine on the central powder feeder and correspond to the relevant drying box to ensure the correct feeding.
    5. Turn on the power of the drying box and set the raw material drying temperature.
    6. Open the central feeding console, enter the operation page, and set the raw material operation parameters in order.
    7. Check the feeding motor to see if it can operate normally.
    Incorrect operation of the central feeding system will not only reduce production efficiency, but also threaten the service life of the central feeding system. Therefore, it is necessary to master the correct operation method of the central feeding system.

Central conveying system Operation precautions:

1. Implement a special-person management responsibility system and a stand-alone operation responsibility system for the central feeding system, establish maintenance files for the maintenance of the central feeding system, and record daily operation and maintenance.
2. After cleaning the suction hopper and drying barrel, they must be installed in place, and the filter of the central feeding system must be cleaned on time.
3. Protect the motor of the central feeding system in time. If it is found that the motor does not rotate or stop, check and repair it in time.
4. Regularly maintain the single machine in the central feeding system, and regularly check for leaks in the conveying pipeline, especially the vacuum pipeline and compressed air line.
5. Periodically use lubricating oil for the feeder of the central feeding system for production and maintenance. Do a regular check on the power cord every day to see if the power source is exposed, and if so, replace the power cord in time.

Central feeding system

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