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central feeding system

Centralized feeding system design solution

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Design and scheme of centralized automatic feeding system

Raw material → storage → measurement → drying → conveying → use

The centralized feeding system adopts one machine and one tube, and the sealed loop design method ensures the stable operation of the entire system, and no plastic regaining or blocking occurs. It is used in conjunction with a central dryer (dehumidifier) system to allow dry air to dry the raw materials again to prevent the re-moisture of the dried plastic. At the same time, the conveying pipe is cleaned after each conveying cycle to ensure that there is no residual material in the pipe. While avoiding the resurgence of raw materials, it also ensures the consistency of raw materials added to the injection molding machine. Under the action of vacuum negative pressure, the original dust in the raw materials is filtered out through the filter (dust collector) system, which is beneficial to improve product quality

Central feeding system

centralized conveying system

central material feeding system

Important equipment of central feeding system

Dehumidification dryer gravimetric blender Plastic weighing mixer
Plastic dehumidifying dryer gravimetric blender Plastic weighing mixer

Central feeding system technology and equipment

Central feeding system equipment Common problems of central feeding system
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