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central feeding system

Schematic diagram of central feeding system

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Schematic diagram of central feeding system
Central feeding system
Advantages of central feeding system:
1. Centralized drying and centralized dehumidification
① Save electricity bills. Suppose that the current customer has 10 injection molding machines, and 10 units of 100Kg are equipped with one kind of raw material
The total electricity consumption of the dryer is 59.5Kw per hour, if it is designed to use a central feed, one
The 1000Kg dryer consumes 30Kw of electricity per hour, saving 29.5Kw per hour.
Years can save 259128Kw.
② Save water. Assuming that the customer has 5 sets of 100Kg dryers with 5 sets of 80 dehumidifiers,
5 sets of cooling water are used, if centralized dehumidification is used, one 400 dehumidifier can be used,
This can save nearly 4 units of cooling water.
③Environmental improvement.
④The temperature in the workshop is reduced. Assuming that the customer has 10 100Kg dryers on the injection molding machine, each
The large amount of heat that the dryer can release, because the heat cannot be dissipated quickly,
Cause the temperature of the entire workshop to rise; if the central control system is used to centralize the drying and the interval between the injection molding vehicle
Use closed pipelines to transport the raw materials to each injection molding machine, so that each dry
The 120 cubic meters of hot air per hour emitted by the dryer is concentratedly discharged outdoors.

2. Centralized feeding
① Reduce labor. Suppose the customer has 20 injection molding machines and 5 people are required to take charge of the feeding operation.
Then if you use central feeding, only 1 to 2 people can complete the operation.
② The workshop is clean and tidy.
③ Save 2~3℅ of raw materials than manual operation
④The raw materials are conveyed in a closed way, without dust pollution. After the raw material is sent to the storage tank, the motor will
The material is pumped from the barrel through the barrel to the injection molding machine table, so that the material will not be dusted during the conveying process.
Dust pollution.
3. Centralized control:
① Easy to operate.
② The grade is improved.
③Automation system. The main data requirements of the central feeding system:
1) Know the types of customers' raw materials and whether they need to be dried or dehumidified.
2) Understand the customer's raw material transportation distance and raw material transportation volume.
3) Know what raw materials are used in which machines of the customer. Whether it is necessary to equip a distributor to switch raw materials at will.
4) Knowing the distance and conveying volume can calculate the size of the motor and the size of the pipeline. experience
5) Knowing the types of raw materials used in each injection molding machine, you can know how to equip the cut-off valve to
And how to control the PLC.
6) Knowing the customer's layout plan and the on-site viewing is very helpful for on-site construction.

Central feeding system

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