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central feeding system

central conveying system

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time:2020-10-10 15:57:16

The use of the centralized feeding system can ensure the stable operation of the entire system, and there will never be plastic regain or blockage. It is used in conjunction with a central dryer (dehumidifier) ​​system to allow dry air to dry the raw materials again to prevent the re-moisture of the dried plastic. At the same time, the conveying pipe is cleaned after each conveying cycle to ensure that there is no residual material in the pipe. Under the effect of vacuum negative pressure, the original dust in the raw material is filtered out through the filter (dust collector) system, which is beneficial to improve product quality. Last time, Gaosi automation technicians also shared the correct use of the centralized feeding system. This time, I will introduce you to the purchase method of the centralized feeding system.
central conveying system
   1. Due to the continuous improvement of the production technology of many manufacturers, their demand for the amount of materials is increasing, so the centralized feeding system purchased must have the function of mixing and drying the raw materials.
  2. The amount of raw materials and the conveying distance directly affect the operating efficiency of operators. We must consider this issue when choosing a centralized feeding system to ensure that the purchased equipment can meet the amount of raw materials and the conveying distance.
3. In the process of using materials in the factory, the feeding equipment used must be accurately measured, mixed uniformly, and can be flexibly changed in color to meet the requirements of multiple colors and varieties of products. It should be flexibly changed according to the production volume of different molding machines. The amount of feed, so the centralized feed system you choose must meet the principle of practical, economical and stable.
  4. Choosing a professional manufacturer with rich experience in equipment research and development, design, manufacturing and construction is also a key to purchasing a centralized feeding system.

Central feeding system

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