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central feeding system

How to maintain the central feeding system?

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time:2020-10-10 15:53:24

The central feeding system needs frequent maintenance work to ensure the stable operation of the entire system. Of course, the maintenance needs to pay attention to methods, the operation is as follows:
1. The centralized feeding area should improve the ventilation of the equipment and create good environmental conditions.
The central feeding system (Alias:automatic feeding system,central material feeding system, centralized feeding system, central conveying system,centralized conveying system) is specially designed for the production of plastic products in the injection molding workshop, and can realize unattended unmanned continuous molding operations. The types of raw materials and the combination of multiple color materials can be changed according to needs to realize the automation of the coloring process. The system can fully automatically regenerate and use nozzle cold material, can control all feeding equipment, and prevent the storage tank from clogging, and can be fully automated by setting up a central monitoring station. Main components: central console, cyclone dust collector, high-efficiency filter, fan, branch station, drying hopper, dehumidifier, material selection rack, micro-motion hopper, electric eye hopper, air shutoff valve, shutoff valve.
2. Regularly check for leaks in the conveying pipelines of the centralized feeding system, especially the vacuum pipelines and compressed air lines. If there are leaks, take timely measures.
3. The suction hopper and drying barrel should be cleaned in time to ensure that they are clean.
4. Perform reasonable maintenance on various stand-alone equipment.
5. Regularly clean the dust of the central integrated device of the central feeding system or replace the filter.
6. Newly hired employees should be trained, implement a dedicated management responsibility system and a stand-alone operation responsibility system, establish maintenance files, and record daily operation and maintenance.
The above is the maintenance method of the central feeding system. Master these basic knowledge to ensure the safe and stable operation of the central feeding system.

Central feeding system

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Central feeding system technology and maintenance

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