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central feeding system

A complete solution for the central feeding system

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time:2020-08-27 10:45:07

A complete solution for the central feeding system
With the rapid development of my country’s industry, the injection molding industry has also made great contributions. The plastics in the injection molding workshop cannot be separated from the existence of a central feeding system. The central feeding system adopts a microcomputer centralized automatic control to realize 24 hours for pellets. Continuous feeding operation. The central feeding system can meet different users, different workshop characteristics, and different raw material usage requirements. Let me talk about the complete solution of the central feeding system:
Central feeding system
1. Storage and transportation
Whether it is a small storage barrel or a large outdoor storage silo, we can provide you with suitable storage solutions to save space, protect raw materials, and reduce transportation costs.
The parts in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel and the filter device of the conveying system, which effectively ensures that the raw materials are not polluted during the conveying process. The flexible conveying air supply adjustment system, by adjusting the conveying speed, effectively avoids the situation of wire drawing or dust due to different conveying conditions.
For the transportation system of high-temperature raw materials, Hengju has specially designed a solution with water cooling function, which reduces the risk of high-temperature raw materials transportation by the vacuum pump.
The closed cycle secondary conveying system can greatly reduce the risk of heat loss during the conveying process and the risk of moisture absorption by the dried material during the conveying process of the hot material and the heat preservation hopper that needs to be sent to the molding machine after drying.
2. Raw material distribution
The standard manual material distribution station adopts quick connectors, allowing you to choose the best batching pipeline. The central distributor and its matching connectors can improve the efficiency of the system. The automatic material distribution station is controlled by a central console and can be used for large-scale feeding systems.
Three, metering and mixing
The volumetric masterbatch machine can be used for the metering of masterbatch raw materials, and the production range is 0.2~32kg/hr. If the customer has higher requirements for the addition ratio and accuracy of the color masterbatch, we recommend the use of a weighing masterbatch machine with a weighing method, and the production range is 0.04~32kg/hr.
The weighing-type mixing mixer controller has a network interface, and the corresponding software can read the raw material ratio data (such as maximum output, actual output, and ratio accuracy) through this communication interface to facilitate product quality control. The automatic repeat calibration function will automatically calibrate the program after each load to ensure the best matching accuracy. It has the function of automatic compensation for recycled materials, which can automatically calculate color difference compensation according to the amount of recycled materials.
Four, dehumidification and drying
In the plastic molding process, drying becomes a particularly critical stage. It is necessary to ensure that the moisture in the raw materials is removed and the drying temperature is reasonable. dehumidification dryer can provide dry air with a dew point of -40°C or lower, and can monitor various parameters in time and ensure a constant dew point.
Dew point setting and intelligent regeneration function. The dew point temperature of traditional dehumidifiers cannot be set, and the dehumidifiers are all working in the maximum load state. However, when processing raw materials requires high humidity, the dew point must be set and controlled. The dew point temperature can be set related to the control of regenerative energy, which reduces energy consumption compared with traditional dehumidifiers.
Five, extrusion control
For plastic film blowing machinery, the air ring is an important component of bubble forming and cooling. The air ring has a great influence on the uniformity of film thickness and film output. Shibo chiller is specially designed for extruder air ring cooling, precise temperature control, energy saving and durable.
The whole solution of the above central feeding system is here. The central feeding system realizes centralized processing of raw materials, enclosed transportation, and completely avoids workshop noise, dust, and hot air pollution.

Central feeding system

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