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Welcome to join the central feeding system website (central feeding system is also called central feeding system, automatic feeding system, centralized feeding system, central conveyor system)! This is a global central feeding system manufacturer, providing a more comprehensive central feeding system information exchange platform website for machinery and equipment products, technology, design, cost budget, entire factory planning, solutions, etc.! Feasible design solutions can reduce more costs for enterprises!

central feeding system

Central feeding system design plan(Original copyright)

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This is a partial drawing adapted to the design of the injection workshop! From storage to plastic automatic dehumidification, automatic weighing and automatic mixing design, it saves space, saves equipment and accessories costs, and thus saves costs. The central feeding system scheme is fully automatic throughout the production process! Use reasonable and efficient solutions! The cost savings will be 32%!
Central feeding system design process: raw materials → storage → metering → drying → conveying → use Features of the central console:

1. Using PLC and large size 10.4-inch color man-machine interface touch panel, easy to understand and easy to operate;

2. Color and written display of various settings, operation and operation status;

3. It has the functions of evacuating and cleaning the material pipe, automatic dust collection and central feeding host A and B alternately and automatically, and manual material selection and error prevention functions;

4. Adding a raw material control screen to monitor various abnormal phenomena of raw materials used in each molding machine, material suction, material shortage, and central host (motor).

Central feeding system

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Dehumidification dryer gravimetric blender Plastic weighing mixer
Plastic dehumidifying dryer gravimetric blender Plastic weighing mixer

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