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Masterbatch machine

  Masterbatch machine Details description
product name:Masterbatch machine
release time:2020-09-09
Numbering:Masterbatch machine-001
Price:¥By function
weight :By function
unit weight:Kg/set
Producing country:china
simple description:Masterbatch machine,The metering masterbatch mixer bai is an instrument used in injection molding, extrusion molding and blow molding processing to automatically mix 1 main material and 1 to 2 color masterbatches or additives in proportion .
Product alias:Single color master machine/two-color master machine/multi-color master machine
  Masterbatch machine Product introduction

Masterbatch machine parameter

Masterbatch machine
Single color master machine and double color master machine
The metering masterbatch machine is suitable for the automatic proportioning of new materials, secondary materials, masterbatch or additives, and the error value is not higher than ±1%.
Note: The standard model of masterbatch mixer cannot be used for the treatment of various plastic powder masterbatches and the treatment of various foods, chemicals, flammable, explosive and volatile materials. If the customer's product is the optical industry product, such as PC, PMMA, etc., the standard masterbatch machine model cannot be selected, and the part in contact with the raw material needs special treatment, such as the use of food-grade materials, polishing treatment, etc.
Monochrome master machine Multi-color masterbatch machine
Monochrome master machine Multi-color masterbatch machine

Product alias:Single color master machine/two-color master machine/multi-color master machine

Masterbatch machine Equipment principle

Masterbatch machine
The signal from the control box is transmitted to the motor, the motor starts to rotate, and the screw is driven by the coupling. The color masterbatch in the hopper falls into the drop rod, is squeezed by the screw, and is conveyed to the base by the screw, so as to achieve the purpose of accurately metering and conveying the color masterbatch.

Product alias:Single color master machine/two-color master machine/multi-color master machine

Masterbatch machine application

Masterbatch machine
Metering masterbatch machine is an instrument used for injection molding, press molding and blow molding. Du will automatically mix 1 main material and 1 to 2 color masterbatches or add zhi agent in proportion. This series of products of Jin brand adopts PLC color touch screen controller to measure the addition ratio of color masterbatch and additives; the touch screen is used as the user interface, which is intuitive and convenient. This blender can operate synchronously with the signal of the forming machine, so that there is no need to store a large amount of pre-dyed raw materials to form product performance. There are five types of screw diameters: 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, which can provide different output of 0.04 to 32 kg per hour for customers to choose. There is also a two-color master batch machine, which can be combined with any two master batch machines according to the needs.
Features of metering masterbatch machine:
The metering masterbatch machine adopts PLC color touch screen controller to calculate, accurate measurement and output range
The metering masterbatch machine is synchronized with the injection molding machine signal, with formula storage and reading functions, and the machine can be invoked
With metering function, automatic monitoring of color masterbatch or addition, automatic adjustment when the bulk density of raw materials changes
The metering part can be removed from the base as a whole without material leakage. The base and the side of the hopper have visible material windows for easy observation of the raw materials
Stable operation to ensure the continuity of injection molding machine production
Use metering weighing to control the mixing process
It can realize quantitative feeding, accurate measurement and stable conveying
Humanized design, simple operation, stable machine performance
Modular assembly structure, screw and sleeve can be replaced or cleaned
With forced cleaning function to facilitate color change, the screw is chrome-plated
Can be placed in a 100KG dryer or a drying barrel 200KG, a large base is required
Applicable to extruder, injection molding machine and film blowing mode, optional batching position alarm, detection of masterbatch blockage and alarm!

Product alias:Single color master machine/two-color master machine/multi-color master machine

Masterbatch machine Precautions

Masterbatch machine
1. Keep the machine clean and sanitary every day;
2. Add butter and lubricating oil to the moving parts of the machine regularly;
3. Regularly check whether the connecting screws of each part of the machine are loose;
4. Start the motor to check if there is any abnormal sound during operation;
5. Regularly check whether the lines of the machine are damaged;
6. Check the validity and completeness of each button on the machine;
7. Regularly check whether there is paint peeling or rust on the exterior of the machine;
8. Regularly check whether the material box of the machine is leaking;
9. Regularly check whether the transmission belt of the machine is damaged;
10. Regularly check whether the rotating blades are worn and cleaned;
11. Daily check whether the machine stopper is effective;
Common fault types and maintenance methods for weighing master batch machines:
The weighing mastering machine system receives the displacement and speed commands issued by the numerical control system. After transformation, amplification and adjustment, the motor and mechanical transmission mechanism drive the machine tool coordinate axis, the main shaft drives the worktable and the tool post, and the tool is driven by the axis linkage Relative to the workpiece, a variety of complex mechanical movements are generated to process the workpiece required by the user.
The weighing-type masterbatch machine system is an electric drive control system with the drive equipment of mechanical motion-the motor as the control object, the controller as the core, and the power electronic power conversion device as the actuator. This type of system controls the torque, speed and angle of the motor, converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and realizes the motion requirements of the motion machinery. As the actuator of the weighing masterbatch machine, the hybrid masterbatch machine system integrates power electronics, control, drive and protection, and is accompanied by digital pulse width modulation technology, special motor material technology, microelectronic technology and modern control technology. The progress has gone through many development processes. Once the mixed color master machine is started, the external fuse of the driver will be burned out and the equipment will not work.
During the inspection, the maintenance personnel found that a power tube was damaged, but because there was no information, the function of the tube was not clear. He thought it was a power-driven front push. Replaced with a power tube. After powering on, the fuse was burned again. The upper pipe is also damaged. After inspection by the maintenance engineer, the initial analysis was correct, that is, the fuse was repeatedly blown, there must be an abnormal large current in the drive, and a power tube was found to be damaged. But the role of the tube is not clear. In fact, this tube is a stepper motor power drive tube, and the stepper motor is started by high voltage, so it has to withstand high voltage and large current. The static inspection found that the resistance of the power supply to the ground in the circuit of the pulse ring distributor was very small, but there was no short circuit. According to the number of components in the circuit and its power consumption analysis, the resistance from the power supply to the ground should not be so small, so it is suspected that there are components in the circuit damaged.
When the masterbatch machine has the above-mentioned failure, don't panic. First find out where the problem is, and then prescribe the right medicine to solve the problem as soon as possible and resume normal use.

Product alias:Single color master machine/two-color master machine/multi-color master machine

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