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Cabinet dryer

  Cabinet dryer Details description
product name:Cabinet dryer
release time:2020-09-01
Price:¥discuss personally
weight :148
unit weight:KG
Producing country:CHINA
simple description:Scope of Application:
1. Application for plastic raw materials drying, especially use on less quantities with many different samples or plastic samples testing.
2. To save working time by avoiding materials exchanging and cleaning.
3. Application for plastic molding tempering, that inrcease the plastic's toughness and eliminate the tension to improve the products quality.
4. Also can be used in the preheating and drying processing for agricultural products (pollen, garlic, tea), electronic, motor, electroplating, pharmaceutical, paint, printing and other products.
Product alias:Cabinet dryer
  Cabinet dryer Product introduction

Cabinet dryer parameter

Product alias:Cabinet dryer

Cabinet dryer Equipment principle

 Working principle:
Put the materials to be dried into the active material tray. When the power is switched on, the strong wind turbine will operate.Start to force the air coming in from the air inlet to blow into the electric heat pipe. The air is heated through the electric heat pipe and then passes through the partition
wall with holes. The air carrying moisture is evenly blown to the material.Such repeated circulation can achieve the effect of dehumidification and drying.

Product alias:Cabinet dryer

Cabinet dryer application

1. With unique design of powerful air temperature and air duct system, making sure the internal temperature distribution even, baking quality is worthy of trust.

2. With stainless steel shelves and circulating hot air recycling design--energy saving, durable, suitable to dry several of plastics.

Product alias:Cabinet dryer

Cabinet dryer Precautions

 Repair and maintenance of plastic ovens :
1.The oven must be kept clean and hygienic
2.Electrical parts should be checked frequently and kept in good contact
3.Repair electrical replacement parts simply open the top cover plate
4.Replace the thermoelectric tube as long as the two end of the porcelain plug can be removed
5.This product is made of metal steel plate, sprayed with plain paint outside, the working room with high temperature silver powder paint as anticorrosive paint layer, so do not damage the paint layer, so as not to cause corrosion of the box body.

Product alias:Cabinet dryer

Central feeding system

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