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 Standard hopper dryer

   Standard hopper dryer Details description
product name: Standard hopper dryer
release time:2020-08-29
Price:¥discuss personally
weight :22
unit weight:kg
Producing country:CHINA
simple description:Energy-saving, the machine can be directly connected to the main machine, avoid drying after twice moisture absorption, specializing in injection molding, granulation and other plastic materials drying.Excellent drying ability, increase injection rate, improve the quality of finished products.
Product alias: hopper dryer
   Standard hopper dryer Product introduction

 Standard hopper dryer parameter

Product alias: hopper dryer

 Standard hopper dryer Equipment principle

Working principle:
 the hot air generated by the electric heat pipe ACTS on the raw materials, and the hot and humid air generated is blown into the collector, which is

equipped with a filter to filter the dust contained in the hot air, and the moisture is discharged out of the machine by natural evaporation, and the clean hot air is again blown back into the dryer for circulation.

Product alias: hopper dryer

 Standard hopper dryer application

  • 1. Contacting parts on raw materials is made of stainless steel.
  • 2.Precisely cast aluminum shell, smooth surface and good performance of maintaining temperature setting.
  • 3.Low noise blower,machine seat installed with visual window, can observe internal raw materials directly
  • 4.Curved eletric heating tube designed, avoid burning caused by raw materials dust accumulation at the bottom of tank.
  • 5. Precisely temperature control by adopts digital (proportional deviation) display temperature controller .
  • 6. Installed with proportional deviation display thermostat.to control temperature accurately.
  • 7. 50-1500KG has high-temperature alternative: double-layer materials tank, stainless steel and heat release electric heating tube, high-temperature fan.
  • 8. Available for any type of motor robot hand as casting aluminum die independent designed of barrel rolled backwards.

Product alias: hopper dryer

 Standard hopper dryer Precautions

 Notes for use:
1. Clean the filter screen
Air inlet filter screen should be checked regularly and cleaned regularly. When the filter screen is blocked, air intake is reduced, affecting the drying effect.
2. Clean raw material lumps on the screen
If the temperature is too high for some reason, when the raw material caking on the screen, the raw material cannot fall down, it is forbidden to scrape with iron bar and other hard objects at this time, in order to damage the separator of the protection screen, the material bucket should be decomposed and taken out.
3. To turn it off
After turning off the electric heating for ten minutes, turn off the fan to ensure that the heating cylinder is fully cooled to extend its service life.

Product alias: hopper dryer

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