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Honeycomb dehumidifier

  Honeycomb dehumidifier Details description
product name:Honeycomb dehumidifier
release time:2020-08-27
Price:¥discuss personally
weight :145
unit weight:kg
Producing country:CHINA
simple description:Rotary honeycomb dehumidifier main components are imported components, carefully selected materials, good assembly. The main purpose of the machine is to match with the hot air hopper dryer to carry out efficient dehumidification and drying of engineering plastics with strong moisture absorption (such as PA,PC,PBT,PET, etc.).
Product alias:Honeycomb dehumidifier
  Honeycomb dehumidifier Product introduction

Honeycomb dehumidifier parameter

Product alias:Honeycomb dehumidifier

Honeycomb dehumidifier Equipment principle

 Working principle:
The internal circulation of the dehumidifier: running through the compressor → discharging high temperature and high pressure gas through the exhaust outlet → cooling into the condenser → turning into low temperature and high pressure gas through capillary closure → turning into low temperature and low pressure liquid → evaporating and absorbing heat through the evaporator → returning to the compressor and turning into low temperature and low pressure gas.And so on.

The external circulation of the dehumidifier: in the case of normal starting → through the operation of the fan → the moist air is inhaled from the inlet → through the evaporator → the evaporator absorbs the moisture in the air on the aluminum sheet → becomes dry air → dissipates heat through the condenser → blows out from the outlet.

Product alias:Honeycomb dehumidifier

Honeycomb dehumidifier application

 Features :
P.I.D temperature control system is adopted, which has regenerative temperature setting and actual temperature display screen.
Adjust the rotation speed of the honeycomb wheel.
Adopt double condenser structure to ensure lower return air temperature and dew point.
The hive can reach a dew point below -40 ° C, and even below -50 ° C with enhanced configuration.

PLC control and LCD touch interface are optional.
Dewpoint meter which can monitor the dehumidification effect of the machine at any time is optional.
The machine occupies a small area and is easy to move.
This series of products through the European CE standard certification.

Product alias:Honeycomb dehumidifier

Honeycomb dehumidifier Precautions

 Notes for use:
1. The water storage in the dehumidifier dryer is too full. In order to avoid overflow and contamination of the wetland surface, when handling the machine during operation, please unplug the power cord first, and then pour away the water in the water storage tank.After moving, it is better to put the dehumidifier to rest for four to six hours in advance, and then turn it on for use. Because the compressor pipeline in the dehumidifier contains cold coal, after moving, the cold coal must return to its original position after four to six hours.
2. Clean the air filter regularly (about once every two weeks) to maintain the dehumidification, dust removal efficiency and service life of the machine.Clean the air filter net and wash it with water below 40℃.Better cleaning with detergent, wash off the dust, rinse with water, dry in the dark after the body back.
3. The dehumidifier and dryer should be cleaned and kept clean.When cleaning the body, wipe it gently with a wet cloth.Avoid direct splash water cleaning, so as not to damage the electrical insulation.The body surface has the adhesive, may use the soap water to clean, avoids with the gasoline, the petroleum essence, the solvent or the spray type insecticide gush, in order to avoid to produce the peeling paint or the discoloration phenomenon.
4. Do not use thin rods or wires to cut out the inside of the machine, so as to avoid failure or danger.
5. In case of power failure or long-term use, please unplug the power cord to maintain the service life of the machine.Dehumidification dryer body should be placed flat, not tilt or horizontal, to avoid machine failure or abnormal sound.

Product alias:Honeycomb dehumidifier

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