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  TWO-IN-ONE MTC Details description
product name:TWO-IN-ONE MTC
release time:2020-08-27
Price:¥discuss personally
weight :98
unit weight:kg
Producing country:CHINA
simple description:Mold temperature controller is widely used in plastic production industry. And by using MTC, customers can get:
1.Improve the molding efficiency of the product;
2. Reduce the production of defective products;
3. Improve the appearance of the product and suppress the defects of the product;
4. Speed up production progress, reduce energy consumption and save energy.
Product alias:TWO-IN-ONE MTC
  TWO-IN-ONE MTC Product introduction

TWO-IN-ONE MTC parameter

Product alias:TWO-IN-ONE MTC

TWO-IN-ONE MTC Equipment principle

Working principle:
Water type mold temperature machine is mainly composed of circulating pump, heater, cooler, temperature sensor, temperature controller and electrical control system.Working principle: After the circulation pipe is filled with water, the water-type mold temperature machine can start to work normally.The circulating pump drives the water through the heater and cooler, into the client device, back to the circulating pump, and so on.The temperature sensor detects the outlet temperature of the mold temperature machine. The thermostat outputs heating and cooling signals to control the operation of the heater and cooler, so as to maintain the constant temperature of water.

Product alias:TWO-IN-ONE MTC

TWO-IN-ONE MTC application

1.Newly designed,small footprint and multi-functional.
2.Separate control--available for maintaining two moulds or two machines with different or individual settings.

3. Easy to operate and maintain,with exquisite exterior.
4.Well-constructed interior pipelines with concise and well-knit designation for energy saving.

Product alias:TWO-IN-ONE MTC

TWO-IN-ONE MTC Precautions

 Usage and Precautions:
1. Please check the cooling water circulation before use to prevent damage to the mold temperature machine due to insufficient cooling water.
We must keep the working environment of the mold temperature machine clean from dust, which can greatly extend the service life of the electrical components.
2. For new MTC, we need to make different maintenance measures according to the heat conduction medium.
If the medium is water, we must keep the water source clean, so that it is not easy to scale, and it can also prevent the pipeline from being blocked.
For oil medium, we need to replace it regularly according to the use temperature. For the temperature above 200 ℃, we need to replace it once a month or two, and below 200 ℃, we can replace it once a quarter or so, which is very good It avoids the problem that the temperature cannot be increased.
3. As for pipeline, we should judge whether the pipeline is blocked according to the connection between pump and pressure. If the pressure is too low, we can take out the heating pipe and clean it with tools, especially the filter mesh at the entrance of the system.
 It is best to clean the hood once a month.
4. Regularly check the mold temperature machine water pump and oil pump for oil leakage. If necessary, the pump shaft seal can also be replaced regularly.
5. On electrical components, we can replace them in time according to the service life of the components and test them regularly to ensure safety.

Product alias:TWO-IN-ONE MTC

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