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Horizontal Blender

  Horizontal Blender Details description
product name:Horizontal Blender
release time:2020-08-15
Price:¥the plastics industry
weight :450
unit weight:KG
Producing country:CHINA
simple description:1.Stainless steel hopper and paddles ,rust free and easy to clean.
2.Vertical reducer motor,durable and low noise.
Product alias:Horizontal Blender
  Horizontal Blender Product introduction

Horizontal Blender parameter

Product alias:Horizontal Blender

Horizontal Blender Equipment principle

 working principle 
The bucket of the horizontal mixer is equipped with two-axis rotating and reversed blades, and the blades circulate and stir the materials in the axial and radial directions at a certain angle, so that the materials are mixed quickly and evenly.

Product alias:Horizontal Blender

Horizontal Blender application

1. The barrel and blade are made of stainless steel, easy to clean and avoid rust
2. Cycloid pin-wheel reducer, long life and low noise
3. The protective door is specially designed to facilitate equipment maintenance and maintenance, and is specially equipped with a ladder to facilitate material feeding

4. Two-way S-shaped propeller blade can mix materials quickly and evenly
5. Visual window at the top, easy to observe the mixing situation
6. Timer 0-30 minutes arbitrary timing mixing
7. Can be customized drying or cooling mixer

Product alias:Horizontal Blender

Horizontal Blender Precautions

 Precautions for use of horizontal mixer:
1. A dry run test machine should be carried out before use. Before testing the machine, the firmness of all the connecting parts of the machine, the amount of lubricating oil in the reducer and the integrity of electrical equipment should be checked. For a dry run test machine.
2. The dry running test machine requires item-by-item test. It can only be put into production when no abnormal sounds, high heat of the bearing gear, or temperature rise of the reducer are found.
3. If you need to shovel the material of the mixer wall during operation, you should use bamboo and wood tools, and you must not use your hands to avoid accidents.
4. If abnormal vibration or abnormal noise is found during use, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection.
5. The load should not be too large. Generally, it is measured by the load of the motor. It is normal to use a 380V motor with a heavy load current of no more than 6 amps when mixing.
6. The shaft seals at both ends of the agitating paddle should be kept clean to avoid blackening and deterioration of the material. There are square holes at the outer ends of the mixing tank, which should be unobstructed. The axis makes the material in the tank black and deteriorate.
7. The management personnel must be familiar with the technical performance, internal structure and control structure of the horizontal trough mixer. It is not allowed to leave the work place during operation to prevent malfunctions and damage to the machine parts, on the premise of ensuring production.

Product alias:Horizontal Blender

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