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Crystalization dryer

  Crystalization dryer Details description
product name:Crystalization dryer
release time:2020-09-19
Price:¥discuss personally
weight :25
unit weight:kg
Producing country:CHINA
simple description:Crystalization dryer is widely used in plastics, chemical industry, medicine and other industries. It is characterized by fast crystallization drying rate, low energy consumption, can maintain the physical properties of raw materials, high molding quality of products, not only reduce production costs, but also can bring more economic benefits for enterprises. It is an economical and practical drying equipment.
Product alias: Crystalization dryer
  Crystalization dryer Product introduction

Crystalization dryer parameter

Product alias: Crystalization dryer

Crystalization dryer Equipment principle

 Working principle:
The closed cycle drying and crystallizing machine is used for holding the crystallized amorphous phase material, crystallizing the uncrystallized PET raw material or recycled material into the crystallizing raw material that can be directly dehumidified and dried. The system includes high temperature

heating device, material holding tank, constant speed heavy load driving agitator.When the uncrystallized PET raw material or crushed into the hopper, it will be crystallized and stirred at the same time, which can prevent the raw material from agglomerating and reduce the rate of product failure.The crystallized plastic can be transported from the bottom of the hopper to the storage tank or directly to the drying tank for use after drying.

Product alias: Crystalization dryer

Crystalization dryer application

A. Reliable and high-quality raw material output complete structure and control design to prevent raw material caking and deformation
B. The unique design of stirring blades and positioning rods to prevent caking in the mixing hopper ensures the passage of raw materials
Often roll to crush any clumps that may form and prevent the material from clumping during treatment.

C. Automatic continuous operation and automatic detection of the internal temperature of the hopper to ensure the output of high quality crystalline raw materials
D. To meet the needs of different raw materials, it can be directly processed online or batch processed to store the crystallized raw materials for future use
E. Safe and easy to clean access door removable cone bottom flexible design allows agitator to be operated from top.

Product alias: Crystalization dryer

Crystalization dryer Precautions

 Notes for use:
1. Clean the filter screen
Air inlet filter screen should be checked regularly and cleaned regularly. When the filter screen is blocked, air intake is reduced, affecting the drying effect.
2. Clean raw material lumps on the screen
If the temperature is too high for some reason, when the raw material caking on the screen, the raw material cannot fall down, it is forbidden to scrape with iron bar and other hard objects at this time, in order to damage the separator of the protection screen, the material bucket should be decomposed and taken out.
3. To turn it off
After turning off the electric heating for ten minutes, turn off the fan to ensure that the heating cylinder is fully cooled to extend its service life.

Product alias: Crystalization dryer

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